Evolution Spas


Introducing the Rockport spa! It’s the perfect starter spa for the new hot tub enthusiast, coming with a Lounger and a Non-Lounger variation! Rockport provides just the right amount of relaxation featuring 27 stainless steel jets powered by a 2-speed pump. With a smaller footprint, it’s a great choice for those with limited space wanting a more intimate setting.

27 Targeted Massage Jets

1 Massage Pump

Seating for up to 6 Adults

Floating Weir Filtration System

Ozone Purification System

74.5” L x 74.5” W x 32” H

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Elegant Amenities

At Your Fingertips

The Rockport includes features that will leave you feeling pampered every time you use your spa. A digital back lit display puts the controls at your fingertips. Dual water feature and programmable LED underwater lighting allow you to set the mood in your spa. The ice bucket features a lid that slides right into place, letting you use the top for drinks, snacks, etc., offering you convenience and elegance all in one spa.

Seating for
Up to 6 People

Seating for up to 6 in this Non-Lounger spa (or 5 in the Lounger variation). Includes Captain’s chair style seats and mounted pillow headrests.

Panel Design

The sophisticated exterior of the Rockport spa has no maintenance panels making your spa genuinely easy to maintain.

Rockport Includes
Spa Cover & Steps

Fully-insulated tapered spa cover keeps the heat in and debris out! Snap together, two tier spa steps add convenience!



Manufacturer: USA

Dimensions: 74.5 in. x 74.5 in. x 32 in.

1 Pump: 2BHP (1.5 CHP), 2-speed, high-performance pump.

Water Capacity: 300 USG

Dry Weight: 425 lb.

Weight with Water: 2,933 lb.

Electrical Requirements: “Plug & Play” 120V operation

Heater: 1kW stainless steel heater.

Filter: Floating weir, 4.6 sq. m (50 sq. ft.) filter cartridge.

Insulation: Reflective surface backed foam fitted tightly to the spa frame.

Energy Efficient: Designed to meet California Energy Commission (CEC.)

Ozonator: Natural water purification using fewer chemicals.

Plumbing: Manifold plumbing system for equal pressure through each jet.

Topside Controls: Backlit digital topside control panel.

Spa Steps: Backlit digital topside control panel.

Cover: Heavy-duty 4-in. to 2-in. insulated tapered spa cover.